Welcome to Minehead!

Welcome to the Minehead and Somerset website where you will learn a lot about the place especially if you are planning to visit anytime soon!

Minehead history

The site will walk you through some of the notable points in Minehead’s history. This will walk you through who the early owner of the town was and how the port construction played a crucial part in the town’s advancement. It will also give you an idea how the 1559 charter proved to be a turning point for the town. You will also learn about the geography of Minehead not only its location but the weather condition as well.

Popular destinations

Minehead has some popular churches in the region such as the Anglican parish church of St. Michael and even The Church of St Michael the Archangel in Alcombe.

Casinos in the region

The site will also give you an idea on some of the most popular casinos in the area. It takes on and reviews these places so you can plan your visit accordingly. The review will help you appreciate the Grosvenor Casino Bristol and even the Genting Casino Bristol to name a few. You will also understand the business concept of Aces Fun Casinos. There is also plenty of online casinos you can try from where ever you are. Make sure to do some research first so you play on safe casinos with many games to pick from and fast payouts for for winnings. Learn more about fast payouts online here.

Festivals in Minehead

The site will also walk you through some of the festivities in Minehead that people have grown to love. One is the Minehead and Exmoor Festival that puts in some of the best classical musical performances done in a span of one week. This attracts some of the top local talents and enabling them to showcase what they have. Another festival in Minehead is the May Day Hobby Horse which is one of the most popular folk customs in the whole of Britain which attracts a lot of tourists every year


The site will also give you a background on Somerset such as its location and what its borders are that gives it character. You will also learn about the history of the place as well as the some of the best places to visit. Somerset is one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit and having a basic understanding of the place will make your trip more fun and exciting.

You will also have the chance to read up on some of best landmarks in Somerset that needs to be on your itinerary. One is the Glastonbury Tor believed to be the place where the King of Fairies resides. The Chalice Well is another place you can visit where tourists drink the water for health reasons. The site also takes a look at Brean Down and how this natural-forming pier provides you a stunning view of some of the most dramatic cliffs you will ever see. You will also read up on the Montacute House and how the longest known gallery in England that features Elizabethan and Tudor portraits can be found inside. The site will also let you know about the garden that provides a beautiful scent that goes in and around the house.