Minehead’s Culture

Minehead is also a town that has its own unique character and history behind it. As such, it has cultivated the same unique culture that is only inherent in Minehead. More than the amazing scenery and the chance to enjoy the seaside beauty of the place, there are also some very interesting events that are unique to Minehead culture.

The annual Minehead and Exmoor Festival

Minehead is more than just a great spot to bond with family and friends while enjoying the famous seaside experience. It also caters to classical music lovers in and around the area as it plays host to the annual Minehead and Exmoor Festival. This is a week-long that is home to classical music and has been organized every year since 1963.

There is no other place where you can find internationally renowned soloists putting together and producing four amazing and breathtaking concerts in just under a week. This is on top of the full symphony accompaniment during the concerts. It is a good idea to take note that the conductor of the annual classical event is no other than Richard Dickins.

The festival has been known as a testament to musical excellence that is simply an amazing sight and sound to behold even for those seeing and hearing it for the first time. This time around, over 40 choristers will join the celebration that will put in display festive music that embodies the great and distinct sound of European tradition in music.

Tim Reynish in 1963 was largely responsible for putting the orchestra in the Minehead and Exmoor Festival which has evolved to be a pivotal part of the whole week’s festival. Most of the talented members perform in and around London being a part of the well-known chamber and orchestral groups. It is because of this talent that the festival is a huge success year on year.

May Day Hobby Horse

As the name suggests, this annual tradition takes place every first day of May. This is largely due to the fact that the first of May has been regarded as a festival day in the town of Minehead since the 1460’s. Sometimes referred to as Obby Oss, this event features stylized horses where which takes the streets every May.

This is one of the most popular folk customs in the whole of Britain which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Together with musicians, these rival horses named the Traditional Sailor’s Horse, Original Sailor’s Horse, and the Town Horse take the streets on Show Night and parade through the outskirts of town until Bootie Night on the 3rd day at Cher. These stylized horses are actually boat-shaped frames of wood with raised ends carried by dancers on their shoulders.